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At Scamps we take food very seriously - with the age ranges that we cater for, we are aware that all children have their likes and dislikes.


We talk to each family as to their needs and dietary requirements


We cover breakfast, lunch and tea as well as mid-morning and after-noon snack's  ( a variety of fresh fruit / raw vegetables is always offered at snack times).


A choice of water, milk or juice is given at all meal times, with a self service water dispenser for the children to use when they are thirsty


A menu is available for parents to see


Please notify us of any special dietary requirements/allergies or intolerances. (A list of the 14 allergens is available on request)


All our meals are nut free.


Parents are requested not to allow children to bring snacks, biscuits or sweets into Scamps, unless it is a celebration or a special treat such as a birthday and has been previously agreed with the staff.


We have been awarded 5 stars for Scores on the Doors

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