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Welcome to the toddler room.


Our toddler room is for children aged between 2 and 3 years and operates with 1 member of staff to every 4 children (as in all our rooms we endeavour to have additional staff so that more time can be spent with the children and the selected activities).


We are situated in a large, newly painted summer house in the garden - which allows staff to plan activities inside and out.


The toddlers have a slightly more structured routine whilst learning through a wide range of fun and exciting activities that are planned to support each child's individual learning and development. These planned activities are related to the weekly topic which are based around the children's interests.


Activities include:


Arts and Crafts - painting, collage, mark-making, using a variety of resources.


Messy/Sensory - play dough, gloop (cornflour), shaving foam, jelly and dry pasta.


Baking - biscuits, cupcakes, chocolate nests and cheese straws.


Games - circle/group games i.e "hot potato", rolling balls to each other and matching and sorting.

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Alongside the above activities the toddlers enjoy singing nursery rhymes and listening to interactive stories.


All the activities are based around Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, which sets out requirements for the nursery to follow to ensure all aspects of development are encouraged and monitored.


As the toddler room is located in the garden the toddlers have easy access to explore the outdoor area while under the supervision of the staff. There are lots of exciting and challenging toys and equipment for all the toddlers to investigate and play with.


Some toddlers will be experiencing the change from nappies to potties and toilets. Whatever the challenge, you can be assured that the staff are well trained, motivated, committed and work alongside parents/carers during the transition.


The partnership between parents/carers and Scamps forms the core values of the ethos which provides a positive learning environment for the children. Once a month parents/carers will be sent learning journeys electronically to enable them to see their child's development and keep up to date with their child's progress. In addition, parents/carers are welcomed to make comments on their child's learning journeys.

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